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Welcome to T&G Insurance Brokers

Independent Insurance Brokers

T&G Insurance Brokers is an independant firm dedicated to connecting you with the best transport and general insurance for your needs. Our independence from ties to any insurance provider means your decision is based purely on free market competition. We work for you. We are not interested in generating sales for any particular provider, so providers who want your business have to provide the best cover at the best price. We work without fear, favour, or bias.

We Find The Best Cover For Your Needs

With access to every major insurance provider with an Australian license, we give you more power to attract the best cover. We narrow your options down to those best suited for your needs and lend our expertise to assist you in interpreting the fine details of the remaining options. With vast experience and knowledge in the insurance industry, we navigate the tricks and traps with ease.

Fast, Stress Free Claims Handling

We take the stress out of claims. Our Claims Managers handle your claims directly, leveraging our expert knowledge of claims processes to ensure your claim is handled fairly and promptly. Incidents involving third parties can cause delays to your claim, often involving rigorous negotiation. We are well versed in the relevant legal precedents and expertly handle third party claims with your best interests in mind.

Premium Funding

Commercial Insurance often involves large lump sums. Small regular payments make cash flow management simpler. To achieve this, T&G Insurance Brokers make the large payments on your behalf according to the insurer’s payment schedule, and you pay us smaller fees on a schedule that better suits you.


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Customer Testimonials

  • T&G have been looking after my Motor Composite and Depot insurance for five years. I find the staff very professional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble.

    Col Pakai
    Colpak Logistics
  • Over the last 15 years that I’ve been with T&G Insurance Brokers, I have been able to build a great relationship with the Team, they make me feel like a valued friend and not just a number or a client. They look after all my transport insurances including my depot and business practices. I find all the staff at T&G from the Account Managers through to the Claims Officers and Support Staff very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Bryan Winkleman
    Hopper Transport Pty Ltd & M&B Distribution Pty Ltd

Complimentary Review

Our process always begins with a review. We analyse your company’s operation to identify the best opportunities to minimise liabilities and protect your assets. This will cost you only the time it takes. To begin finding the ideal insurance coverage for your business, contact T&G Insurance Brokers toll free on 1800 010 599 and we’ll help arrange your review.